Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause a boiler to stop working?

There are several reasons as to why your boiler may stop working. Believe it or not, a common reason for a non-working boiler is the power supply. Sometimes these switches accidentally get turned off by residents. However, there are several other reasons a boiler could suddenly stop working:

  1. The power supply is switched off
  2. Your gas supply may be interrupted
  3. The boiler may have low pressure
  4. The boiler’s thermostat may be too low

There are several home fixes available for these situations. However, unless you have experience working on boilers or are an engineer, it’s best to contact a boiler repairman to get the issue fixed.

How long do boilers last?

A properly installed and serviced boiler can last for up to 15 years. That is, however, so long as proper maintenance and routine boiler servicing are being conducted. It’s a wise decision to regularly service your boiler to keep it running as efficiently as possible. This not only helps the boiler last longer but also ensures you don’t run into any accidents from an ill-maintained boiler system.

Should I replace my 20 year old boiler?

While some boilers can manage for up to 30 years, it’s always best to replace your boiler every 10 years. Although an old boiler might still work, components and materials break down over time, increasing the risk of total cessation of boiler function or — worse — an accident from a broken down boiler. In any event, it’s wise to look into boiler installation if you suspect your boiler may be outstaying its welcome.

How do you know when your boiler needs replacing?

There are several indicators that a boiler will need replacing:

  1. Your boiler is over 15 years old
  2. The energy efficiency rating is dropping
  3. Your boiler is taking longer to heat up than it usually does
  4. The boiler’s flame is yellow instead of blue
  5. Your boiler has begun leaking
  6. Your energy and fuel costs are rising

If your current boiler exhibits any of these (or other) symptoms, please contact us for a new boiler installation. It’s better to get the situation resolved sooner than later.

What type of boiler should I use?

There are several different types of boilers as well as several different reasons to pick one over the other. However, combination boilers are often the most commonly used boiler systems, and among the most efficient, too. In any event, if you’re unsure of which boiler is best for you, we welcome you to contact us to come and take a look and make a recommendation on which system will work best. Just head over to our locations page to find a boiler repairman near you.